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Iringa District

Iringa District: Located in the southern highlands of Tanzania, near the country’s legislative capital of Dodoma and the agricultural centre of Morogoro, Iringa is a pleasant small town and a focus of regional agriculture and production. Its streets are quiet and peaceful, and the market offers a colourful scene of traditional African culture. Iringa overlooks the Little Ruaha River and it is a popular stopping point for visitors to Ruaha National Park.


Historically, Iringa was a centre of colonial administration. During German occupation, the German military constructed the town as a fortified defense against marauding Hehe tribal warriors intent on driving them out of the region. Gangilonga Rock, a site just outside of the town, is a legendary spot where the Hehe chief at that time, Chief Mkwawa, met his people and decided on how to fight the Germans. Iringa was also the site of several battles during the First and Second World Wars and the Commonwealth War Graves are located just outside of town.


Iringa District wards: Gangilonga, Igumbilo, Ipogolo, Ilala, Isakalilo, Kihesa, Kitanzini, Kitwiru.

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Iringa Rural

Iringa Rural District (Wilaya ya Iringa Vijijini) is one of the four districts of the Iringa Region of Tanzania, East Africa. It is bordered to the north by the Dodoma Region, to the east by Kilolo District and encircles Iringa Urban District, to the south by the Mufindi District, to the southwest by the Mbeya Region and to the northwest by the Singida Region.


In 2016 the Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics report there were 265,811 people in the district, from 254,032 in 2012


Iringa Rural District was administratively divided into twenty wards: Idodi, Ifunda, Ilolo , Itunundu, Izazi, Kalenga, Kihorogota, Kiwere, Lumuli, Maboga, Mahuninga, Magulilwa, Malengamakali, Mgama, Mlowa, Mseke, Nduli, Nzihi, Ulanda, Wasa

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Kilolo District

Kilolo is one of the four districts of the Iringa Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the north and east by the Morogoro Region, to the south by Mufindi District and to the west by the Iringa Rural District. The district is home to the Udzungwa Mountains National Park.


According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the population of the Kilolo District was 205,081


As of 2015, Kilolo District is administratively divided into wards: Bomalang’ombe, Dabaga, Ibumu, Idete, Ihimbo, Ilula, Image, Irole, Kising’a, Kimala, Kitowo, Lugalo, Mahenge, Masisiwe, Mawambala, Mlafu, Mtitu, Ng’ang’ange, Ng’uruhe, Nyalumbu, Nyanzwa, Ruaha Mbuyuni, Udekwa, Uhambingeto, Ukumbi, Ukwega and Winome

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Mafinga District

Mafinga is one of towns in Tanzania situated some 120 km north-west of Iringa and 190 km from the capital. This the settlement has a population of 35,000 people. Mafinga Wards include: Bumilayinga, Changarawe, Isalavanu, Kinyanambo, Rungemba Hill, Upendo, Wambi, Southern Highlands Zone


Iringa is  a gateway to a very famous Tanzania’s National Parks and Game Reserves. Ruaha National Park is remote, large, and full of wildlife especially elephants. There are also lions, cheetah, leopard, lots of kudu and almost every other African mammal you might like to see.


There are several reputable Safari & Tour companies in Iringa town which offer day or overnight trips to these parks. Alternatively, you can take a bus or taxi to Tungamalenga village which is 15 km from the park gate and there are several lodges and camps on the park perimeter which also can arrange game drives into the park.

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Mufindi District

Mufindi is the perfect place for travellers seeking exciting experiences in the mountains of South Tanzania! A great range of activities is available, and children of all ages are welcome at Mufindi Highland Lodge, our favourite property here.


Mufindi is characterised by rolling hills, covered in tea and timber plantations and beautiful natural rainforest. The rainforest is home to monkeys and plenty of birdlife. Among the region’s specials is Livingstone’s turaco, a handsome blue-and-green feathery friend named after David Livingstone’s brother Charles. This species is hard to miss, due to its strident tones!


This region is famed for two industries – timber and tea. In 1986 a working farm was developed from a parcel of land purchased by the Fox family. Over time the farm evolved into Mufindi Highland Lodge, effectively opening the area to tourism.

As of 2002, Mufindi District was administratively divided into twenty-eight wards: Bumilayinga, Ifunda, Ifwagi, Igombavanu, Igowole, Ihalimba, Ihanu, Ihowanza, Ikweha, Isalavanu, Itandula, Kasanga, Kibengu, Kiyowela, Luhunga, Makungu, Malangali, Mapanda, Mbalamaziwa, Mdabulo, Mninga, Mpanga TAZARA, Mtambula, Mtwango, Nyololo, Rungemba, Sadani.

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