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10 Must visit Places in Iringa

Iringa is a city in the Iringa Region of Tanzania, geographically positioned at 7°46′ S 35°42′ E, around 260 km south of the national capital, Dodoma and 500 km southwest of the country’s largest city, Dar es Salaam. Iringa is the seat of the Iringa Region, located between the two major national parks of the country, Ruaha National Park to the west and Mikumi National Park to the east. Iringa is renowned as one of the important educational centres of the country with many reputed learning centres, including the Mkwawa University College of Education, Iringa University College and Tosamaganga High School. Iringa is also famous for the popular Neema Crafts Centre.

History of Iringa:

Iringa derives its name from the Hehe language term ‘lilinga’, which means ‘fort’. Iringa originated as a defense base in the beginning days of the German rule in Tanzania. Prior to the arrival of Germans, Iringa was settled by Hehe people, led by Chief Mkwawa, whose fortress still can be seen in Kalenga, a nearby village of Iringa.

Connectivity to Iringa:

There is an airport in Iringa, situate around 17 km away from the midpoint of the city. The airport is catered by Auric Air (with flights from Dar es Salaam, Mbeya) and Flightlink (Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Mbeya). One way travel between Iringa and Dar es Salaam costs more than two hundred US dollars.

Iringa can also be accessed from Dar es Salaam by bus service, offered by JM Luxury and Sumry Bus.

Culture, Food and Shopping in Iringa:

Iringa is culturally distinct city, home to two famous typical cultural centres Matumaini Women’s Centre and Neema Crafts, where traditional items like bags, bracelets, earrings, flip flops, aprons and toys can be purchased at affordable prices. Neema Crafts centre also houses a restaurant with different delicious European and Tanzanian dishes.

What to do in Iringa?

  • Bird watching
  • Swimming
  • Game drives
  • Traditional shopping
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