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Igeleke Hills | Iringa Safari

A large prehistoric frieze, similar in style to the Kondoa rock paintings, located at a spectacular site on the edge of town just west of the Dodoma road. The ochre drawings depict human figures, an elephant, jumping eland and giraffe hiding in long grass. It’s an easy and worthwhile excursion from town involving a short but steep walk from the car park. A guide can be arranged on-site (about Tsh10,000 per group) or in advance with Iringa-based tour operators.

Igeleke Hills in iringa

Take any dalla-dalla heading north along Uhuru Ave for about 6km to Kihesa Kilolo (‘K/Kilolo’) and ask it to drop you at the turn-off (marked by a tiny sign reading ‘Igeleke Rock Arts’). From there, it’s about 1km on foot to the base of the large rock where the paintings are: follow the dirt track west off the highway, going left at the fork and then right after the football pitch. Taxis charge Tsh20,000 return, including waiting time – be clear with the driver about how much time you will spend at the site, as drivers have been known to leave.

Igeleke Hills

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