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We offer private transportation service from Iringa Airport, Dar es salaam Airport, Arusha, Morogoro, Tanga, Mooshi, Mikumi, Ruaha, Mbeya, and all other Tanzania Cities at competitive and affordable rates. Book online in minutes and save up to 40% compared to a metered taxi fare.

Why book your transfer from  Airport with us?

  •  Free Cancelations
  •  Professional and Reliable Drivers
  •  Safe and Comfortable Vehicles
  •  Secure online booking
  •  Always Low Prices

Airport taxi transfers to Iringa / Dar es salaam / Kilimanjaro / Nduli  Airports are available 24/7. Services include private hire by the hour, transfers from and to various events in and around Dar es salaam, cruise port transfers, airport shuttle, Nairobi sightseeing tours and excursions. Professional and reliable chauffeurs and excellent customer care before, during and after your transfer. Your safety is our priority and your comfort, our satisfaction.

Mafinga Hills

Mafinga Hills (Mafinga mountain) are found in Mafinga district of Muchinga province in the North-Eastern part of Zambia. The mountain range extends to about 23,000 hectares (230Km²). Around 67% of the mountain range is designated as a protected forest reserve hosting dozens of endemic plant and bird species. On a global scale, the Mafinga hills are designated as a Key Biodiversity Area (KBA).

The Mafinga hills belong to an ecoregion known as tropical and subtropical savannas and grasslands. The Mafinga Hills are a critical landscape to the hydrology of the Luangwa river headwaters as they host the source of the river which drains Muchinga Eastern and part of Northern provinces. 

Downstream, the Luangwa River is a major (and in some cases the only) source of water for domestic use and irrigation. The river is also a wildlife “sanctuary” in Zambia as it hosts some of the world’s endangered animal species and is home to the highest population of hippos in the world.


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