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Safari Car Rental in Iringa

Safari Car Rental in Iringa | Safari to Ruaha | Safari to Selous | Safari to Mikumi National Park | Safari to Nyerere National Park | Hire – Rental  

Born of the savannah, the bush and the river, our 4 x 4 Jeeps are as much at home on the plains of Africa as a herd of buffalo or a pride of lions. And just as tough, nimble and, fast. No other safari vehicle can keep up with a 4 x 4, with its all-wheel drive and high suspension skimming over the terrain. 

The pop-up top ensures you a front-row seat to that oncoming herd of elephants or a leopard bearing down on its prey. And piloting your 4 x 4 over Tanzania’s magnificent landscape is your personal safari driver/guide included in this Natural Worlds’ hire package. 

Safe, secure, and practically unstoppable, our Land Cruiser Jeeps and your expert guide will deliver you right into the heart of the safari experience.

How to get to Iringa

Safaris to Ruaha usually start from Dar es Salaam, and your point of entry for the country will be Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR). In most cases, your tour operator will pick you up from the airport and handle all further transportation.

The drive to Iringa from Dar es Salaam takes about 10 hours, and a lot of it is on a dusty, bumpy road. Many people traveling to Iringa / Ruaha make a stopover at Mikumi NP. From Mikumi, the distance to Ruaha is about 320km/200mi, and the drive takes roughly five hours.

The easier way to get to Iringa is by chartered or scheduled flight from Dar es Salaam to the park’s airstrip. There are also flights connecting all parks of the southern circuit safari.

Flights from Arusha town, the base for the northern safari circuit, are also available. Coastal Aviation also offers direct scheduled flights between Serengeti NP and Ruaha NP.

Land Cruiser Safari Jeep

These are often Toyota Landcruiser Jeeps converted into Safari vehicles with the addition of pop up game viewing roofs [ front and main], safari customization, and addition og UHF radio calls and suitable seating. 

Some vehicles also come with air conditioning and electric cooler boxes.

Safari Jeeps are more capable off road and marginally more comfortable as well over rougher sections of road, but will cost significantly more to hire than safari tour vans.

Iringa Safari Hire FAQ's

You must be over 20 years old, have a passport with a valid visa and a valid driving license from your country of origin or an international driving license. .

Vehicles do come with third part insurance covering only the third part, the vehicle damage and their accessories are not covered. Upgrading to Comprehensive is possible at an extra fee.

In Tanzania and Kenya we drive on the left side of the road. The speed limit inside the national parks is 50KPH, and tar roads are 80KPH, unless there is a sign pointing otherwise. Consult us for some tips and suggestions.

Our cars do not have a mileage limit per day, an added benefit for you.

Tanzania and Kenya is consdered very safe for doing self drive safari. Self Drive activities in Parks in Tanzania and Kenya are allowed and include overnight stays in public or special camps. We recommend booking and paying the fees in advance. To understand more about the rules, our expert team is ready to help you.

Yes, but it is necessary to book in advance and depending on the location there may be an extra fee.

Yes, but it is mandatory to have a written authorization from our office to be presented at the border and additional insurance coverage.


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