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Mafinga is one of towns in Tanzania situated some 120 km north-west of Iringa and 190 km from the capital. This the settlement has a population of 35,000 people. Mafinga Wards include: Bumilayinga, Changarawe, Isalavanu, Kinyanambo, Rungemba Hill, Upendo, Wambi, Southern Highlands Zone


Iringa is  a gateway to a very famous Tanzania’s National Parks and Game Reserves. Ruaha National Park is remote, large, and full of wildlife especially elephants. There are also lions, cheetah, leopard, lots of kudu and almost every other African mammal you might like to see.


There are several reputable Safari & Tour companies in Iringa town which offer day or overnight trips to these parks. Alternatively, you can take a bus or taxi to Tungamalenga village which is 15 km from the park gate and there are several lodges and camps on the park perimeter which also can arrange game drives into the park.

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