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Mufindi is the perfect place for travellers seeking exciting experiences in the mountains of South Tanzania! A great range of activities is available, and children of all ages are welcome at Mufindi Highland Lodge, our favourite property here.


Mufindi is characterised by rolling hills, covered in tea and timber plantations and beautiful natural rainforest. The rainforest is home to monkeys and plenty of birdlife. Among the region’s specials is Livingstone’s turaco, a handsome blue-and-green feathery friend named after David Livingstone’s brother Charles. This species is hard to miss, due to its strident tones!


This region is famed for two industries – timber and tea. In 1986 a working farm was developed from a parcel of land purchased by the Fox family. Over time the farm evolved into Mufindi Highland Lodge, effectively opening the area to tourism.

As of 2002, Mufindi District was administratively divided into twenty-eight wards: Bumilayinga, Ifunda, Ifwagi, Igombavanu, Igowole, Ihalimba, Ihanu, Ihowanza, Ikweha, Isalavanu, Itandula, Kasanga, Kibengu, Kiyowela, Luhunga, Makungu, Malangali, Mapanda, Mbalamaziwa, Mdabulo, Mninga, Mpanga TAZARA, Mtambula, Mtwango, Nyololo, Rungemba, Sadani.

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